Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm back!

Hello, and deepest apologies. As you've very likely noticed, I've been absent for some months. In a nutshell, I was working 14 + hour days and nearly every weekend. I didn't have time to get my haircut, let alone cook any sort of meal and take pictures of it. I subsisted on sandwiches most nights for dinner (around 11:30 p.m.) and almost entirely stopped going to the farmers market (and mainly just shopped for necessities at Trader Joes). They were sad times friends, sad times.

However, I did manage to take a trip to Italy in October (and, while staying at an old Tuscan villa, enjoy mind-bogglingly good food). I also took multiple trips to New York City to visit the boyfriend (and, while there, also relished delicious meals at fabulous restaurants). Of course, taking these trips necessitated even more time at work and no time to document all of the tastiness.

Never fear fine reader, those times are behind us. I have quit my job a The Big Law Firm and will be starting a new job next Monday. My hope is that the new job will not suck as many hours out of my life as the old one (and how could it?) and that I will be able to return to regular posting! First, however, I need to buy a battery charger for my camera. What good is this blog without the pictures? :)

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