Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Public Service Announcement

I am 26.

It is June.

Why do you care, you ask?

Well, those two clues should hint that the fact that dozens (it seems) of my friends are trotting down the aisle toward the altar. All of my weekends have been full of travel to bridal showers/weddings/bachelorette parties/sacred blood rituals. That means no trips to the Farmer's Market, no cooking on the weekends, and no time to cook during the week (because I'm trying to catch up on work to be ready to go out of town again the next weekend), and no blogging! I haven't done laundry in a month, haven't been grocery shopping in weeks, and haven't cooked a proper meal (other than breakfast) since mid-May. Boo.

Never fear, however, friends. I plan on catching up on some posting(s) tonight. You'll have plenty of pictures and recipes to entertain your mind and whet your appetite.

Until then...

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Jean M Kinney said...

Happy Birthday, Kristel!
The halibut recipe sounds yummy - we don't have access to a Farmer's Market, but we have started a small garden. Now that the cows are in town, and Calvin is taking care of them, things are settling down and I may get a chance to try some of your recipies. Of course, you could always come up here and cook!