Saturday, February 10, 2007

Restaurant Review -- Lucy's El Adobe Cafe

Question: What is more disappointing than watching a new, much-hyped TV show and despising it?

Answer: Turning on an old favorite, watching for a few minutes, and then realizing that it is now awful. How sad is it to find a show that you once loved, discover that it is coasting on its previous fame, and note that it is currently producing pure drivel? (I'm looking at you, Saved By the Bell: The College Years).

Lucy's El Adobe Cafe is the restaurant equivalent of a TV show waaaayyyyy past its prime. Lucy's is an LA establishment -- it was hugely popular in the 70s. The governer at the time, Jerry Brown, and his girlfriend Linda Ronstadt, were regulars and were responsible for putting Lucy's on the map. In fact, their names still pepper the menu. It has been a traditional star hang-out for ages ... clearly aided by being across the street from Paramount Studios. Now, however? Perhaps the worst Mexican food in Los Angeles.

One restaurant has to hold the title of worst, and seriously, folks, I think Lucy's is currently the owner of the dubious honor.

I didn't bring my camera, so I have no pictures. But even if I had, I wouldn't have been able to take pictures because the damn restaurant is so dark that we couldn't see our food (we think, perhaps, to disguise the disgustingness).

The refried beans? Salty. The rice? Soggy. The chips? Greasy. The tortillas? Stale. The salsa? Watery. The Chile Verde? With your eyes closed, completely unidentifiable as pork. The chili rellano? As, M put it, "tasteless cheese shoved into a slimy, canned pepper, and wrapped in an oil-soaked sponge." The mole? Hershey's Syrup covered nuggets of chewy chicken. The Arroz con Pollo (the "Jerry Brown")? The bell peppers were raw, the rice greasy, and the chicken tough.

Essentially, each plate was less appetizing than the previous one.

Lucy's may have once been a must-visit. It is now a must-avoid.

And, let me mention, it was the priciest bad mexican food I have ever had. We each one drink and one entree. The table split 2 guacamoles. Our bill? $30 per person. Honestly, if you are going to serve awful food, at least make it cheap.

0.5 of 5 stars. Not worth walking across the street for. (Why the 0.5? Because the chicken in the Arroz con Pollo was identifiable as chicken and if, starving, could provide enough calories to live on)

Lucy's El Adobe Cafe

5536 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA

(323) 462-9421


Michele said...

Exactly! Great review. And so right on it hurts. If only I read your review first, before my horrific trip to the past... and worst Mexican food I've ever had.

Michele said...

Your review is so right on (right down to the chocolate syrupy mole sauce), I'm going to share your post with my friends who had the horror of eating at Lucy's with me.

Anonymous said...

your review is off the mark! there are many things about this place that is great! the BBQ beef tacos are amazing and add some of Lucy's salad dressing to the top makes them even better! the salsa is great too IMO but there are a few things that I'll agree with you on.

the place is dark and old, there are no famous people that frequent the place and the pictures all over the walls are clearly 20+ years old.

overall Lucy's doesnt deserve worst Mexican food, like many restaurants there are always items on the menu that aren't up to par but I can foresure say that there are plenty of items on the menu that are down right amazing. try the tacos, add some salad dressing and you'll be impressed!